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Implementing the 7Ps in practice

How to implement each of the 7Ps? In this section of the toolkit, you can find guidance on the design and effective implementation of a comprehensive policy framework to address gender-based violence. It is structured according to the 7Ps, and for each P you will find tips and suggestions, along with dos and don’ts, references to existing tools and resources, as well as materials for further reading and exploration.


Estimating the extent of gender-based violence


Changing behaviours and culture


Avoiding (further) harm


Handling cases of gender-based violence

Provision of Services

Offering support and assistance


Involving internal and external actors


Setting up measures and procedures

What is intersectionality and how is it addressed in this toolkit?

Intersectionality is a valuable framework that makes it possible to analyse and understand the interconnected nature of various forms of inequality, such as gender, race, class, sexual orientation, and personal characteristics. Throughout the various components of the toolkit, intersectionality is addressed with practical tips and advice on how to incorporate intersectional approaches, ensuring inclusiveness and sensitivity in addressing gender-based violence. 

Explore further the aspect of intersectionality and how it is mainstreamed in this toolkit, here.