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Welcome to the UniSAFE toolkit

Designed to address gender-based violence in higher education institutions and research organisations, this comprehensive resource is here to support you.

Whether you’re just starting to reflect on the issue or seeking to improve existing policies, you’re in the right place. Our toolkit offers guidance on designing effective policies and implementing concrete measures as we work together towards addressing gender-based violence. 

Join us in creating a safe environment for students and staff. 

Gender-based violence and other concepts

Facts & figures

Results from the UniSAFE survey

Legal and policy framework on gender-based violence

International and National level

The 7P framework

Theorising gender-based violence policies

A guide to implementation

Implementing the 7Ps in practice

Developing a new policy: Where to start?

Assessment tool and Action Plan

Inspiring practices

Resources and capacity-building materials

About this toolkit, UniSAFE and acknowledgements

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Have you experienced or witnessed gender-based violence?

If you are looking for help, here is a comprehensive list of emergency contacts and support services, including counselling and helplines, listed by country.

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