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Where to start?


Discover our two UniSAFE tools that can help getting organised and setting priorities for your institution in a structured way.

Assessment Tool

The Assessment Tool allows institutions to gauge their capacity to effectively implement gender-based violence policies and to identify their strengths and weaknesses. The online self-assessment tool is accompanied by guidelines allowing users to complete the self-assessment, upon which the results are provided in the form of scores and visualisations 

The Assessment Tool will be available soon.

Action Plan

This step-by-step guide entitled Setting up a comprehensive policy framework addressing gender-based violence in academia: a step-by-step guide is specifically designed for those in the early stages of creating and implementing a policy framework to address gender-based violence within academic settings.

This document supports the development of an actionable roadmap, referred to as an Action Plan, which provides a clear and detailed set of actions for designing, implementing, enforcing, monitoring, and evaluating the comprehensive policy framework. The guide comprises a series of main steps, each with its unique focus: Step 1 – Getting Started, Step 2 – Analysing and Assessing the Institutional Context, Step 3 – Designing the Action Plan, Step 4 – Implementation, and Step 5 – Monitoring and Evaluation.